Meet My Clients

MS DISTRIBUTION | California + Nevada

MS Distribution is a dynamic team could not be more FUN to work with. I have gotten to help them build their online presence from the ground up. From their logo design, to business cards, to social media strategy and digital assets, this team has really let me be an integral part of their growing brand since 2017. They live in a constantly shifting action sports sales industry and are frequently adding brands to their portfolio; requiring new branding and strategy each time.

Sawn of a Bit | Reno, Nevada

Sawn of a Bit is a woodworking company based out of Reno servicing the greater Reno-Tahoe area. They create furniture, signage, and works of wooden art. Started by the master of puns, Eric Ray, in 2019, Sawn of a Bit was a fun logo development project.

The Handy Smith | South Lake Tahoe, California

The Handy Smith Tahoe is a construction and repair business in South Lake Tahoe that works to transform people's houses into their dream homes one room at a time. They are a recurring client that has commissioned a logo, business card, custom letterhead and brochures.

The Loft + Village Bar & Grill | South Lake Tahoe, California

Half magic show and half nightlife hot spot, The Loft is a unique location in the heart of South Lake Tahoe's Heavenly Village. I worked to support their social media and signage efforts providing quick turnaround as well as consulting on their brand direction. For their sister restaurant Village Bar & Grill, I provided signage support for new summer promotions.

Fowler's Flowers | South Lake Tahoe, California

A one-woman wonder, Selina started her own floral business, Fowler's Flowers, following in the footsteps of her mother who had a floral business during Selina's childhood. She provides her clients + customers with seasonal flowers at a competitive cost and ensures all wedding clients have the bouquets and centerpieces of their dreams. She commissioned a logo as well as a business card and sticker design.

Monument Expedition Collective | South Lake Tahoe, California

Monument Expedition Collective is an adventure focused, outdoor activity oriented project involving all aspects of the wild outdoors from snowboarding to mountain biking, hiking to fishing, mountaineering to ski touring. They hired me for logo design as well as brand consulting.

G9 TECHNOLOGIES | North Carolina

G9 Technologies certainly takes the cake for a unique branding challenge. G9 Tec (for short) is a data acquisition and controls system company based out of North Carolina. Computer science and engineering​ long felt like industries outside my scope, but they gave me the opportunity to expand my experience in a great way. I helped them build their branding, logo, and digital assets to help get their website up and running. 

FORTY TWO BREWING | North Carolina

Forty Two Brewing is a home brewing team based out of North Carolina that was looking to get more creative with their beer labels and logos as they continue to expand their creative beer offering. From pitching around ideas for new, witty names for their concoctions to creating the finalized artwork, they always provide interesting projects to work on.

Marketing + branding lets my creative side run wild. I greatly enjoy getting to work with clients and bring their ideas and brands to life. It has been a fun process to learn and build up freelance design work, strengthen project management + client relation skills, and a great opportunity to learn about other industries outside of my day-to-day.

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